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Your First Wedding of the Season

Yay! You just received an invitation to your friend’s wedding.¬†Welcome to your 20s! This is the first wedding you will attend without your parents and family present. Here’s what you need to know going in. Don’t assume you get a free “plus one” Pay close attention to how your invitation is addressed. Newbies always assume that a plus one is mandatory. Unfortunately, weddings are … Read More Your First Wedding of the Season

Welcome to the Anonymous Bridesmaid

Hello fellow bridesmaids, brides, and wedding guests! To introduce ourselves, we are just like you! We are fellow bridesmaids and wedding guests here to bring you wedding information, tips, and feedback. We all know the wedding industry has boomed in value. As such, our wallets have decreased in value for countless bachelorette vacations, bridal shower gifts, and bridesmaid dresses. We believe that information is … Read More Welcome to the Anonymous Bridesmaid